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Quarry Tile Offers Unmatched Durability

Quarry tile was born from the brick-making industry and its production uses raw materials similar to those used in the manufacturing of brick products, making them one of the most natural and durable tiles on the market.

Among designers, quarry tile is used extensively for flooring projects where durability is essential. Quarry tile can be used both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial flooring projects. In fact, most commercial kitchen projects use quarry tile because it is slip-resistant and non-porous.

High-quality quarry tiles are typically made using a mixture of natural ingredients, like clay, shale and feldspar, and are not produced in quarries, as the tile's name may suggest. Instead,
Quarry tiles are extruded through a die and cut, creating a more tight and dense product. Most quarry tiles also feature a ribbed backing, which improves mortar adhesion. Following extrusion, quarry tiles are fired in a kiln.

Quality quarry tiles have a natural look that make them very appealing to designers, but the practicality that quarry tile provides cannot be ignored. Quarry tiles are slip resistant and an excellent match for floors that take a beating from heavy spills and moisture. Quarry tiles are also perfect for outdoor projects as well.

At Classic Tile we carry one of the largest selections of wholesale and retail quarry tiles in the tri-state region. Our indoor and outdoor unglazed quarry tiles are great for patio, porches, backyards, garages. They are durable, non-slip, and frost-resistant. Our quarry tiles have been used in countless commercial kitchen quarry tile floor projects and we carry an array of colors, including mayflower red, puritan gray, buckskin beige, chestnut brown,
commercial red abrasive, stone gray abrasive and more on several sizes and shapes.

Contact us today and one of our quarry tile experts will help you determine whether or not quarry tile fits into your planned indoor, outdoor, or commercial tile project.

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