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Wood Look Porcelain Tile Opens the Door

Wood Look Porcelain Tile Opens the Door for Trendy New Designs, Without All the Hassle

So, you’re considering a renovation project and you love the look of wood, but you’re worried about the assorted pitfalls associated with wood flooring. At Classic Tile, Inc, with locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island, we often urge our clients to consider wood look porcelain tile as an alternative.

Chances are, you had your heart set on wood flooring because it evoked a design style that you thought you couldn’t achieve with tile, but today’s wood look porcelain tile looks so much like real wood, you’ll have to feel it with your own hands to believe that it is actually made of porcelain. 

There has been substantial growth in the wood look trend, which has resulted in array of styles and sizes that can meet any need. In fact, the “wood look” trend is due, in part, to the recent interest in using reclaimed wood for designing, decorating, and even construction. The beauty of wood look porcelain tile is that you don’t have to hunt for “old wood” andwood look porcelain tile is offered in dimensions that most reclaimed wood is not.

While reclaimed wood can create a beautiful atmosphere in your home or any space, it’s not without its headaches. It can be near impossible to find just the right reclaimed wood for your design and that can limit your possibilities. With wood look porcelain tile, you can even transform more than just your floors.

New York interior designers are pushing the limits of wood look porcelain tile and using them as wall accents, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. The beauty of “wood like” tile on your walls is that it won’t snag your linens the way reclaimedwood can. Perhaps most importantly, there are serious dangers associated with reclaimed wood, including an increased risk of lead paint and toxin exposure. 

At Classic Tile, Inc., we carry one of the largest selections of wood look porcelain tile in the New York area from the finest manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and the United States, including Panaria, Sadon, Magica Serenissima, Ricchetti, Vallelunga, Gambarelli, Grespania, Alcorense, Argenta and Florida Tile.

We carry all styles, including “wood grain plank” tiles, that are popular in both residential and commercial design projects. Call or come into our showroom and one of our design consultants will help you choose the perfect “wood look” make your space come alive.  See our selection of Wood Look Tile