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Trends in Porcelain Tile

The porcelain tile industry has grown steadily in recent years due, in part to new technologies bringing new products to the market.

Porcelain tile is quite versatile, offering great solutions for both remodeling projects and new construction as well. Modern porcelain tile offers low water absorption, for example, making it a great solution for both interior and exterior projects.

With all of the styles that porcelain offers, from modern and contemporary porcelain tile to rustic, terracotta, marble, and onyx, there are so many possibilities for designing with porcelain tile. Polished, textured, and honed finishes are also available in porcelain tiles that are durable for floors and for walls.

The latest styles of porcelain tile can bring a room to new levels of depth and movement and with advancements in inkjet technology and glazes, there are many new color interpretations to look for, as well.

Stone look porcelain and natural look porcelain are incredibly popular these days, particularly for use in high traffic areas. In fact, the durability and safety of stone-look porcelain in such areas cannot be matched even by real stone. Porcelain tiles are used on Wall's as well as floors, many customers are using for wall tile now, because of how good they look.

At Classic Tile, we carry a huge selection of porcelain tile styles, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining rooms in both residential and commercial spaces. Call or come into our showroom today and one of our design consultants will help you choose the perfect porcelain tile for your next project.