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Proper Installation and Sealing of Crackle Tile

Proper Installation and Sealing of Crackle Tile

Crackle tile is one of the most popular styles of tile on the market today, but it must be installed and sealed carefully for the best results.

With so many wholesale crackle tile and retail crackle tile options from around the world, it isn’t hard to find just the right one for a commercial or residential tile remodeling project. Some of the most popular crackle tiles include crackle subway tile and crackle mosaic tile, available in both ceramic and glass. Crackle tile designs are most popular when used in kitchens and bathrooms, to add an element of beauty that is unmatched. Crackle glazed subway tiles are actually trending this year because many home design experts say that the love the way that the fire-glazed cracks give the tiles a wonderful patina that is popular, particularly in commercial renovation projects.

One of the most popular uses of crackle glazed tile, among home designers, is in the shower, but experts say that it is important to have a professional tile expert guide you through the installation. There can be no compromise when sealing crackled glazed shower tile. Thankfully, most crackle glazes are given a temporary sealer in the factory that will get the tile through installation. However, crackle glaze tiles require sealing with a penetrating sealer at the same time the grout is sealed. Crackle tiles are different than other styles of tile because of crazing, which creates what has become known as crackle or tiny cracks that form in the glaze surface during the firing process. This is what gives crackle tile its amazing look.

Another important fact when installing crackle subway tiles, for kitchen backsplashes or anywhere else in the home, is that it is important to use water-based tile sealer to avoid any grout getting stuck in the tile.

Crackle tile lovers are especially impressed with glass crackle tile, which typically comes in both crackle glass subway tile and crackle glass mosaic tile. Both of these crackle tile styles are quite popular in bathroom renovations and bathroom tiling projects. It is often use in showers.

No matter what, experts say that all crackle tiles, regardless of the application, require a water-based tile sealer before and after the grout is applied.

Most tile retailers carry a huge selection of crackle tiles, styles, shapes, and colors and for any project. Be sure to choose a crackle tile retailer that has a knowledgeable and professional staff available to answer any of your questions related to the proper installation of crackle tile.