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Glass Tile -Beautifying Our World for Millennia

Glass tile has been around, beautifying the buildings around us, for a very long time and while its appeal has never wavered, the possibilities that glass tile offers continue to grow.

From the early beginnings of glass tile (around 2500 BC), when it was used in mosaics, through its earliest uses in decorating (around the 3rd Century BC), right up until today,  glass tiles have had a certain opulence that is irresistible. However, it wasn’t until the 20th Century that glass tile became more affordable to the masses, new types of glass tiles were introduced, and its popularity really began to soar.

Today, there are countless styles of glass tile on the market available for any project imaginable. While glass tile is most commonly sought after for kitchen and bathroom renovation projects, glass tile has become common in every room, and even outside. Glass tile kitchen backsplashes are also a favorite among designers. 

Designers and homeowners hooked on glass tile prefer its unique look and amazing shine, when compared to other types of tiles used in decorating and renovations. Translucent glass tiles are also a favorite among designers these days.

Glass tile remains one of the most popular forms of tile used in decorating, as it has for thousands of years and glass tile mosaics have made a comeback as well. Many designers are combining other materials to create glass and stone mosaics, as well as glass, stone and metal mosaics for an array of renovation projects. Glass, stone and shell mosaics are also quite popular in both home and commercial decorating projects.  

At Classic Tile we carry a large assortment of glass tile, from glossy, to frosted and crackle, in an array of great colors, perfect for any project, small or large.
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