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From Traditional to Modern, Subway Tile Fits Any Design Style

One of the hottest trends among designers right now, particularly in the New York metropolitan area, is the use of subway tiles in home remodeling. Originally stylized to evoke images of the white-glazed ceramic tiles that adorned the walls of New York City subway stations in the early 20th Century, subway tiles now come in an array of colors and styles, not only in ceramic, but in glass, marble, onyx, porcelain, beveled, crackle, metal, slate, and limestone.

Beveled subway tile is currently one of the most popular styles currently available at Classic Tile, Inc.

Beveled subway tile brings a “little something extra” to the look of subway tile. In fact, the extra textures that beveled tiles can bring to a home remodeling project can make more traditional subway tiles look boring. The beveled subway tile actually gives the feel of classic Italian stone - They look wonderful used on fireplaces, as well.

When using subway tiles in kitchen backsplash and full bathroom remodeling projects, designers are also choosing a darker-colored grout for their projects which, they say, works particularly well with beveled subway tile. Dark grout has become increasingly popular because it maintains a new, clean look longer than lighter colors, which are more susceptible to build-up and grime. Over time, the space between your tiles can look dirty with lighter colored grout, no matter how well you clean.

At Classic Tile we carry a huge selection of subway tile styles, including classic, modern and vintage subway tile, which can be used in residential and commercial designs. Call or come into our showroom today and one of our design consultants will help you choose the perfect subway tile wall tile that you’ve been dreaming about.