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Backsplashes Can Improve Any Kitchen Space

 “A kitchen backsplash is truly a personality piece,” says Rutigliano, president of Classic Tile, a family owned and operated New York tile company, with showroom locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island. “The tiles that a person chooses to spruce up the wall space between the countertop and cabinets, and above the range, should showcase the color scheme and theme of the kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional.”

Rutigliano says that, ultimately, that backsplash becomes a focal point and offers homeowners an opportunity to be quite creative. While there is a lot of opportunity for creativity, when it comes to choosing tile for a kitchen backsplash, he notes that there are so many choices and variables that it doesn’t always come easy. That’s why the tile experts at Classic Tile offer the following tips to clients considering a kitchen backsplash tile project:

Mix and Match

“If you are having a tough time choosing just the right tile, tape some color and tile samples to the wall to see what they look like, especially in various natural light settings,” says Rutigliano.

It is best to choose one main color and a couple of accent colors to use throughout the kitchen, including the backsplash.”

However, he notes that countertops will often dictate the tile backsplash color and style, as well as lighting fixtures and other hardware. A favorite among trick, among New York kitchen designers is to mix tiles in different shades with various finishes.

Remember the Focal Points

“The wall space above the range and the sink is your best place to be creative with your design,” Rutigliano explains, “and it is the area of the kitchen that gets the most attention. Many designers are using funky glass tile to create a showy centerpiece in these spaces.”

Rutigliano this is the place to really play up patterns. This can be done, he says, by installing tile on the diagonal, or applying a staggering brick pattern with slim subway tiles. He says that owners shouldn’t be afraid to spice of this relatively small but important space.

Be Savvy

“If you are working on a tight budget, avoid trendy tiles and consider classic white ceramic,” says Rutigliano. “Whatever you do, however, you cannot skimp on the grout. How the tiles adhere to the wall is important, so make sure you get a nice grout.”

Rutigliano says that it is important to be flexible when working with a tight budget. Although you may not get the exact style, color or texture you were hoping for, there are plenty of kitchen backsplash options to fit any budget. 

“These are just a few of the ways that you can get the perfect kitchen backsplash for your kitchen design,” Rutigliano says. “The best advice that we can give anyone looking to do a ceramic tile project in their kitchen is that they should come on down to one of our showrooms and meet with a tile professional.”